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Vision and Mission

Our Mission :-

Khatra Public School is a school united by the joy of learning,excellence in achievement and development of character.We will inspire academic and personal growth in our students by encouraging inquiry,stimulating creativity and inovation,embracing cross-cultural and  global prespectives and flourishing meaningful participation and service.Khatra Public School is also eying upon providing such can develop into "Citizen of the World'

Our Vision:-

Our vision at Khatra Public School is to empower students to acquire,demonstrate,articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them as life-long learners to practise the core values of the school : respect,tolerance and inclusion and excellence.


Our goals are based on three pillers of sucess:

(1) Academic Excellence.

(2) Educational Inquiry.

(3) Social and emotional learning including Health and Wellness.

Notice Board

  • Dear Parents,

  • Those who have not submitted size of School Sweater of your ward are requested to contact the accounts department immediately (Within22/11/2019). Tough the last date for same has been crossed already but we are giving you one last chance because we will not allow any other sweater to wear in our school premises. Please help your child to groom properly.


  • With Regards,

  •  Principal

  •  Khatra Public School